Re: Question from prospective buyer: MacOS / iOS support


Hi Jim,

Michael Fulbright has developed an INDI driver for the PMC-Eight that runs in LINUX. There is an INDI server available for MAC OSX that I had started testing using a OSX virtual machine on my PC, but I was waiting for the driver to be rolled into the INDI distribution. That is now available but I have not had time to try it out. You may want to find the INDI server (which includes the drivers for several devices including the PMC-Eight) and try it out on your MAC OSX machine. I am not an Apple developer, so I cannot speak to how good it is or how it was developed.

The iOS version of ExploreStars is under active development now and should be released before the end of the year.

As far as a browser interface, I started down that path early in the development of the controller using a WiFi module that included a web server that supported Java. I developed some rudimentary web pages that allowed you to issue commands to the PMC-Eight using that interface. I know that there is active development going on to create an ASCOM web server so that you can post HTML commands to the driver hosted on the web server and control a mount that way. I will probably start looking into that and talk to some folks involved with that.

Overall, development is happening!

Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.

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I use two Mac laptops, and iPad, and an iPhone.  One laptop is configured with bootcamp, so I use Windows under duress. ExploreScientific sales (always helpful) say MacOS and iOS support is coming and may happen in early 2019.  Can anyone confirm or provide further details?

I run Windows Autostakkert 2 and 3 and Registax executables inside wine on my Mac.  Does ExploreStars and other Windows executables that interface to the PMC-8 run work properly inside wine on a Mac that has a USB-serial interface? Can I survive until there is real Mac support?

What are my options if I choose to sidestep the platform issue by controlling the G-11/PMC-8 from a browser window that was tethered via wifi or 100-base-T ethernet? Would I have basic slewing controls? Could I do alignments? Could I switch between point and track mode?  Would I have Go-To capability?

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