Re: Exos-2 PMC-8 - pier extension & axes stabilty

Jennifer Shelly

I called ES last week and obtained clarification on how to determine where the high point is on the worm assembly.

For those interested here are some pointers.
* The high point will be the spot that has the most friction when manually rotating the axis by hand
* The high point should have the least amount of wobble/backlash
* Backlash can be observed by looking at the axis when giving it a little shake and/or by looking at the gear that you are manually turning by hand
* Rotate the axis by hand 180 degrees to find the low point.
* The low point should have the most wobble by observing the axis whilst shaking and/or by looking at the movement of the gear which will show the most movement.
* Only make adjustments at the high point
* If you have a lot of friction the you will need to back out the two end adjustment screws a tiny bit at a time and and rotate the the low spot and check for wobble
* You will likely have to do this as many times as it takes to get to an acceptable amount of wobble at the low point. It might take 5-10 times.
* BE PATIENT because this is a time where patience is indeed a virtue.


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