Re: Question from a prospective buyer: networking

Steve Siedentop

jmizen -

I use a similar setup.  I have an Intel Compute Stick (CS-125) mounted on the scope running Win 10 Pro, connected via the PMC-8 serial port.  I have a wifi router that I bring to the field that runs on 12 volts DC.  You'll find that most home routers run on 12 volts and draw from 1 to 3 amps.  Using the wifi network that I set up on the field with the router, I connect via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol built in to Windows) using an RDP client on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, or whatever device I happen to bring with me.  This remote capability comes in very handy at astronomy club meetings where I find myself shaking a lot of hands throughout the night.

One could use such a setup to control the mount over the internet by using port forwarding on the router to allow you to connect via RDP to the computer running your imaging rig.

A couple of items to note:

*I keep the router 5+ feet away from the mount, which seems to mitigate wifi connection problems.
*I run WiFiScope (free from Sequence Generator Pro) so I can control the mount with SkySafai when I'm not imaging.
*I use Cartes du Ciel to control the scope when I am imaging, going through the ASCOM POTH virtual hub.  It's lightweight compared to other options and has a comprehensive object database.


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