Re: Dec Worm Adjustment

W. Christopher Moses

Thanks for taking a look!

I did notice the 70s spike but did not notice the ratio.

Taking a video sounds like a good idea.  I had it about as smooth as I could get it by feel before tightening things down.

I tried to put the Ruland couples on, just for fun, but they would not fit.  The hole going onto the worm gear was just a little bit too small. Oh well.

Overall, the adjustment seems to have helped, with the exception of that spike, which is visible on the guiding chart.  In fact, I was regularly getting .4"-.45". Obviously, it was very good seeing.

The only other change I made was to how tightly I screw down the clutches.  I used to really crank them down, but after turning the worm by hand as I adjusted the clutch tension, I decided to ease off significantly.

Whatever the cause of the improvement, I'm sure my images will look very good.


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