Creation of the Explore Scientific OpenGOTO Steering Committee


As a result of the OpentGOTO Community Conference held last month at the Explore Scientific headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas, Explore Scientific is proud to announce the formation of the OpenGOTO Community Steering Commitee. 

This committee will drive the future direction for sharing the PMC-Eight technology with the OpenGOTO Community and develop the procedures and processes that we will use to make the system fully accessible to PMC-Eight users and developers. This includes sharing the source code for the ExploreStars application, ASCOM driver, and other test programs via GitHub or similar open source platform, and improving all the documentation for the PMC-Eight System.

I will serve as the committee Chairman and several forum members that attended the conference have been asked to volunteer to serve on this committee. A couple of other people will round out the committee membership:

Executive Sponsor: Scott Roberts

Committee Chairman: Jerry Hubbell

Developer Representative: Dan Dickerson

Vendor Representative: Steve Mallia

Customer Representative: Chris Moses

Customer Representative: Steve Seidentop

Customer Representative: Brian Tucker

Michael Fulbright, the developer of the LINUX PMC-Eight INDI Driver will be consulting with us also as he becomes available in the future.

I will share the progress of the team in the coming weeks and months as we work to effectively share the PMC-Eight technology with all our customers and others that are interested. We will be letting you know how everyone can become involved at whatever level you wish to contribute.

Thanks again for your support and interest in the PMC-Eight System and our other products.

Jerry Hubbell

Director Electrical Engineering

Explore Scientific, LLC.

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