Migration Plan to Groups.io


Hi everyone,

I wanted to followup on the possible move to Groups.io for the PMC-Eight forum and outline a couple of possible ways to transition to the new platform.  We can:

1. Move all the content to the new platform and then wait until everyone in the existing group has joined and posted a message, or sent me an email saying they are on the group. I would then stop/remove the Yahoo group.


2. Move all the content to the new platform and then set a time limit of  say 2 months to have anyone that is interested in still being a member of this forum to join the new platform. I would then stop/remove the Yahoo group.

I would announce the transition on the Explore Scientific Facebook page and also send out direct messages on the Yahoo groups to all the members to ask them to join the Groups.io forum and let me know when they do it. 

If I limit it to a 2 month transition, then I assume I can move any new messages over to the new platform on a periodic basis, maybe weekly at first, and then daily as we get within a couple of weeks of turning off Yahoo. Hopefully by then there won't be any more messages on Yahoo. I hate to lose any of the members that are on the Yahoo platform when we transition, and I want to give everyone the opportunity to move over to Groups.io, but I think I prefer choice 2 above.

I think the OpenGOTO Community Steering Committee will determine if and when the transition will start and i will report back to the forum the plans.  We may also identify another platform to move to, but as of now, I would favor moving to Groups.io starting September 1st, and turning off the Yahoo group by November 1st.

Let me know your thoughts.

Jerry Hubbell

Chairman, OpenGOTO Community Steering Committee

Director Electrical Engineering

Explore Scientific, LLC.

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