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Rick Walker


I believe you got it. 

This way it would be the same as the Windows version. 

I would help eliminate a lot of extra slew time. 

In my case most of the stars are not visible especially just after sunset. 

Thanks for considering. 


On Aug 23, 2018, at 1:05 PM, Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific <jrh@...> wrote:

Hi Rick,

I apologize for not responding earlier. I wanted to think about your questions and talk to Dan Dickerson about them. I have not talked with Dan yet, First, the default function as you discovered when selecting the alignment stars is to slew to each star and ask if you want to go to the next. I think this was deliberate to accommodate those who are first learning the sky so the telescope will point to the selected star and allow the user to align on it if it is in view, or not if not in view. Beginners may not be able to know what stars are visible without having the mount point them out. I think you are the first to ask for this feature to be turned off as you suggest. There is an absolute requirement to align on each star selected prior to selecting the next star and aligning. This is to ensure that the spacing between the stars meets the requirements for an accurate alignment.

I think that it would be a good feature/enhancement to be able to maybe have a 3 step process instead of a 2 step process when aligning to each star. The current process is to 1. select 2 or 3 star alignment and the mount goes to the first star in the list automatically, and then 2. you choose to align on that star or you go to the next. The proposed process is to 1. select 2 or 3 star alignment and the mount just shows you the first star in the list, 2. you select go to the star, and 3. you choose to align on the selected star, or you go to the next.

So the difference is that it would be 3 steps instead of 2 steps to align on each star.  Does that state what you would like to see? We can add that to our enhancement list for ExploreStars. Dan may be able to get that done sooner rather than later. It still might be a little while because he is focused on getting the Apple iOS version of the ExploreStars application done.

Thanks Rick for the suggestion.
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