Re: Alignment of PMC-Eight using Stellarium

Steve Siedentop

Hi Rick -

To use Stellarium to control your PMC 8 mount, you'll need to have the ASCOM platform installed, the PMC 8 ASCOM driver installed and configured, StellariumScope installed, and of course Stellarium installed.  To use Stellarium with an ASCOM device like the PMC8, you need StellariumScope which acts as a sort of bridge.  Explore Stars won't be in the picture for this scenario.

The chain of communication:

Stellarium -> StellariumScope -> ASCOM on your Windows device -> PMC8

As far as the alignment question, planetarium programs like Stellarium don't have an alignment routine.  They rely on a good physical alignment of the mount (i.e. polar alignment).  A tip I stumbled across long ago:  Centering Polaris in your eyepiece will get you close enough to polar aligned for visual observation.  If you're not imaging, don't spend too much time on polar alignment.  If you're imaging, however, you'll definitely need a solid polar alignment.

ASCOM Platform

PMC8 ASCOM Driver (about halfway down the page)


Hope this helps!


On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 11:03 PM Rick Walker <rixworx@...> wrote:
If I wish to use Stellarium with the PMC-Eight.  How and when do you do the 2 or 3 star alignment?  I assume use ExploreStars for the alignment then open Stellarium (and all the ASCOM stuff)? Or some how align thru Stellarium?

Sorry... newbie question I know.

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