Re: ExporeStars - Android vs. Windows

Rick Walker

HI Jerry,

I got out again the other night and could see Polaris and not much else (ok almost full moon didn’t help. But again, using t windows version of ExploreStars I was unable to complete an alignment procedure.  No matter what star I chose for the first start, none of the allowed second star choices were usable in my urban backyard.

That said, I was able to at least align to Polaris in the alignment scope and even without doing a 2/3 star alignment procedure, the PMC-Eight would get my target into the finder scope so close enough to then adjust.  Then repointing to the adjusted RA/DEC and going to those coordinates as per your YouTube video, I was able to track Saturn for about an hour and a half with very little drift.  This was sweet.

I know the iOS app is the top priority righ now but I really hope that the alignment procedures allow choosing the 2/3 starts from the complete alignment star list.

btw, if you need a semi untech guy who is in a urban setting to beta test your iOS app, let me know.

Rick Walker

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