PMC8 Physical Hand Controller

Steve Siedentop

It occurred to me while working on another Arduino project that I could make an Arduino/ASCOM based physical hand controller.  The biggest complaint I have about using a phone/tablet/laptop to center something in the eyepiece or on a sensor is that these devices lack the tactile feedback of a physical hand controller.  Mostly, I find it difficult when observing visually as I can't feel my way around the controls on a tablet which requires me to shift my eyes back and forth between the eyepiece and the device. 

This would require the use of POTH unless you planned to use a hand controller exclusively.  It's probably possible to fit code on an Arduino to allow for the entry of RA and Dec and transform those coordinates to the PMC8 command language.  The device would then be quite a bit more complicated than just 4 buttons, likely including an LCD display and a keypad. 

A while back, a couple of people had expressed interest in this.  Thoughts on the usefulness of such a thing, beyond being an interesting project/learning experience?


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