Re: Noisy EXOS 2 PMC8?

Steve Siedentop

Hi Peter -

To add to the discussion, the PoleMaster camera is a great device for speeding up the process of obtaining an accurate polar alignment.  It's not more accurate than other methods, but it's a lot faster and doesn't require you to get on your knees.  I didn't know the ground was always soggy in Georgia until I started learning how to polar align an equatorial mount.

But...I wouldn't recommend a PoleMaster to someone who isn't imaging.  It's absolutely great to have it and I love mine, but if you don't have a camera in your scope, you don't need it, so don't feel you need to rush out and buy yet another piece of astro equipment to be able to enjoy your mount.

This will make the imagers squirm a bit, but you can quickly "polar-enough" align your mount by centering Polaris in a high magnification eyepiece.  This will get you, at most, approximately half a degree from celestial pole, which is more than sufficient for visual observing with modern goto systems.  Particularly so with ExploreStars which dynamically points both axes to keep the object centered in the eyepiece.


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