Re: Noisy EXOS 2 PMC8?

Peter Turner

This comment is a little off the noise issue, however I think I'm going to call ES Customer Service but plan to wait a day or two and use the mount more. I definitely don't want to take the mount apart while it is under warranty.

Last night I got a better polar alignment, but was still unable to see Polaris in the polar scope.  I then used Steve Siedentop's method (which is much more user friendly than a polar scope) and was able to center Polaris. FYI: to get the elevation correct I used the front and back knobs while keeping the mount in the "Park" position. To center it I usedthe twist knobs on either side to center the star and did not use the direction arrows on the tablet. Note to Wes: The resulting elevation was 40 rather than the normal 33 for Phoenix. I going to use a different level to see if the mount's level is causing the elevation to be so far off.

After performing a three star alignment, I constantly got different objects in my finder scope but not the eyepiece.  The average distance from the 8x50 finder's center point was about halfway to the edge of the objective. My finder eyepiece is a 15mm, 1.25" which provides a magnification of 63 with a 58 degree field of view. I do have a 25mm plossl which has a mag of 38.  However it's FOV is only 40 so I rarely use it any more. One thing I am going to do is use my reticle eyepiece to center polaris if I can't view it in the polar scope tonight.

Brian, I hear the motors singing but only if I'm moving the mount at a rate 9, which I rarely do when getting the alignment correct.  When the mount is slewing to an alignment star the motors do not sing.


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