Useful 3D printed parts for the Exos-2

Mike Leemhuis

Many of the early problems I had with my Exos-2 mount and ES 102CF OTA have been related to cables getting snagged or unplugged.  A snagged cable can cause the RA or DEC steppers to break phase and a loose USB connection will cause a loss of communication with the PMC-eight box.  These problems cause a lot of frustration and loss of valuable astrophotography time trying to find the problem then reconnecting and re-homing.  I should point out that I control my mount using CDC with my desktop computer inside my house and a 20 meter USB cable running to the telescope out in my front yard.  

I have pretty much solved these problems with several 3D printed parts that I designed.  A short description of each of these parts is included below along with a link to a more detailed description and a printable .stl file on  

1. A tray to hold my iPhone 7 parallel to the axis of the OTA so I can get fairly close polar alignment using the iOptron Polar Scope Align Pro

2. A USB cable clamp to make sure this cable does not disconnect.

3. A 2 inch diameter snap-on leg clamp to control the stepper and/or heater cables.  I include a variation of this clamp which includes a simple power distribution panel.

4. A leg clamp that firmly grips the Exos-2 leg and has a feature to slide on the PMC-eight box.  This replaces the aluminum block and velcro strap that comes with the PMC-eight.

Anyway, I wanted to share these parts with all of you.  If you have a 3D printer, know someone who does or want to use the 3D printing services that exist online, you can print these and hopefully avoid some of the problems that I have dealt with.

Hope this helps!

Mike Leemhuis

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