Re: D or V series saddle for EXOS2 ?

Chip Louie <chiplouie@...>

Hi Wes,

I'm a happy user of both ADM and Losmandy tip-in style D/V saddles and I have owned various name brand CG4/5 GP/DP mounts and really recommend buying directly from ADM to be certain you get something that not only fits correctly but will also work correctly with the variation of drive motors for these mounts. There are more variations than you can imagine and unless you can confirm with the vendor it will work with your particular make and model mount chances are good it may not fit correctly. For example the last mount of this type I bought was a newer Orion SkyView-Pro with the non-GOTO dual axis drive. I ordered the ADM DV saddle that should fit and upon installation of the saddle adapter fit perfectly on the mount head but the DEC motor did not fit and could not be installed. After a conversation with Anthony he shipped me a different adapter part which also fit the mount perfectly but also did not allow the DEC motor to be installed correctly without modifications to the mount adapter. Anthony said this is a problem with these GC4/5 GP/DP mounts due to the multiple variations of these mounts.

My solution was to return both ADM kits and use some parts I was going to sell. I had a Losmandy D saddle that I had removed from my G11 and an unused Losmandy 7" VUP7 dovetail. Scott Losmandy was nice enough to mate these parts together for me while I was in the shop buying some more "stuff." I clamped this combination firmly into the stock mount head saddle using a couple of new stainless steel cap screws I had to cut to length for dovetail clearance. This allowed me to use the existing dual axis motors on the stock one piece saddle clamp as designed and still get a full size Losmandy saddle. BTW the full size saddle was major overkill but at the time cheap for me seeing that I already owned the parts. A lighter weight, lower cost variation much more suitable for these smaller mounts might be to use the Losmandy VUP4 and a Losmandy SPDV these parts are only $80 new, add a couple of stainless steel cap screws and you are there. Just a thought.


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