Re: Useful 3D printed parts for the Exos-2

Mike Leemhuis

I might add that PETG is a great all around material for 3D-printing.  It's doesn't split or shrink while printing and can handle flexing.  It's very similar to ABS strength-wise but much easier to print.  Nylon is great for toughness and flexibility but very difficult to print and it's hydroscopic (absorbs moisture).  It's overkill for these kinds of parts.  PLA is barely adequate for parts under load. It's brittle and can deform if left in a hot car.  I wouldn't recommend it.  I've designed hundreds of plastic parts and PETG is the best material I've found thus far for parts like these.  Just my 2 cents!


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Thanks Pete.  I'm glad you are finding my designs useful.  If you or anyone can think of any improvements or suggestions for other useful parts, I'd be glad to consider them.

Thanks to all,

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Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the routine.  I'm fairly sure that the iphone's compass compensates for magnetic declination.  Here in Phoenix we have a magnetic declination of 12 degrees.  When I use the compass on the iphone's Utility app, it points to within a degree or two of Polaris.

Mike I'm impressed with your parts especially the cable holder and PMC-8 box holder.  They look like "must haves".  I just ordered the PMC-8 holder from 3D-Hubs.  I chose PETG as the material - have to see how strong it is.



Mike Leemhuis

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