Re: Useful 3D printed parts for the Exos-2

Mike Leemhuis

Hi Pete.  I'll attach a picture of the clip part assuming that's the part you're talking about.  This part has a space at the bottom of the U that can control up to about 4 standard sized cables.  This would include the Dec and RA cables and perhaps 2 heater cables.  It clips onto the 2 inch diameter EXOS 2 leg to restrain the wires.  You then leave a loop in the wires so that the OTA can swing to all positions.  I hope that makes sense.  Let me know if I'm not understanding your question correctly.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the update on PTEG.  Not knowing much about the 3D printer world I did some research on the different materials.  PTEG seemed to be better than ABS or PLA and certainly was much less expensive than Nylon.  After I've had more experience with the mount I may take you up on ideas.  One question, how do your cable parts work with the standard Dec and RA cables.  It didn't look in the picture as if you were using them.





Mike Leemhuis

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