Peach State Star Gaze Day 3 and the PMC8 G-11

Steve Siedentop

Fortunately, the Peach State Star Gaze was scheduled during the hottest week since 1952...not kidding!  Temperatures topped out at 94 degrees!  They alternate the schedule each year between September and October, so we've decided to call it the Shake 'n Bake Star Party.  (Stole that one too...sorry Brian).  If it's in October, we shake.  If it's in September, we bake.

Turned out to be another great night for imaging and observing!  The adjustment/balance combination worked well and produced some nice PHD graphs as well as some nice images.  Changing directions is still a challenge because of the necessary adjustment that introduces backlash.  Tonight, I decided to image the Veil.  I did this one last year with the Explore Scientific $10,000 7 inch refractor that Scott threw at me and said "Hey you!  Take me some pictures!"  Not really.  He's not that kind of guy.  But he did ask me nicely to image with it and I did and enjoyed using it.  Alas, it's not in the budget.

Back to reality...the veil images turned out well.  I thought about processing them, but PixInsight turns my MacBook Pro into a space heater, which is exactly what I don't need right now.  That will have to wait until i get home!


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