Peach State Star Gaze Day 4 and the PMC8 G-11

Steve Siedentop

More of the same...baking like a pan of biscuits.  Fortunately, I have my Columbia moisture wicking shirt.  Unfortunately, I look like a busted can of biscuits in it!

Once the heat subsided, I went through the alignment/sync procedure again and I realized I was becoming much more comfortable with it.  It took me less than 5 minutes and I was imaging, without plate solving.

I thought I would copy my buddy Jeff who was imaging the Cacoon Nebula and the dark nebula near it.  I ended up getting confused and imaged the Crescent Nebula.  Tracking and guiding were good again and the images turned out quite well.  Guiding is actually the best it's been so far.  Some high, thin clouds rolled in but weren't disruptive.

I don't think I've been including scope and camera details, so here they are:

Explore Scientific ED127CF FCD100 & .7 Reducer/Flattener
Astro Tech 60mm Guide Scope & SSAG Camera
CentralDS CDS-600D Cooled DSLR


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