Crescent Nebula from the Peach State Star Gaze 2018

Steve Siedentop

I spent last week at the Peach State Star Gaze. Between 95 degree highs, clouds, rain, mosquitos, fire ants, velvet ants (google it and prepare to be freaked out), and all of the other "normal" issues astrophotographers deal with, I managed to pull off 6 hours of exposures on the Crescent Nebula with an Explore Scientific ED127CF FCD100 triplet, .7 Reducer, Explore Scientific PMC-Eight G-11 mount, and a CentralDS CDS600D (cooled DSLR) camera. A total of 72 light exposures, five minutes each, at ISO1600 and 15 darks. I used PHD2 for guiding, BackyardEOS for image acquisition, and PixInsight for processing.  


Crescent Nebula PSSG 2018 PixInsight Workflow

Linear Fit
Photometric Color Calibration
Histogram Transformation
HDR Multiscale Transform
TGV Denoise
SCNR - Green
Curves Transformation - Saturation
Color Saturation - Red
Histogram Transformation - Star Mask
SCNR - Blue
SCNR - Green
Morphological Transformation
Final Histogram Transformation - Range Mask
Dark Structure Enhance

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