Re: Installing Android Database and App

Wes Mcdonald

I guess I agree that you are missing the application ExploreStars.sqlite.

My Explorestars directory on the SD card has one folder, Images, and the .sqlite app.  So until you figure out how to get that, you probably will continue to get the error message.

I just downloaded the and unpacked it onto my MAC.  The file structure it creates is:

Explorestars (folder)
          Images (sub folder)

All of that needs to be at the root of the SD card.

Somehow it appears that when you created the folder the app did not get put there.

Don't know what to tell you.  Start with a formatted SD card.  download the file from onto your computer.

Unzip the foil either directly to an SD card plugged into a reader on your computer or into a file folder on your computer.

If you unzipped onto the SD card then look to see if you got the file structure above.  Same if on the computer.  If on the computer move the EXploreStars folder to the SD card root.

That should work.


On Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 4:57 PM Darryl Ellis via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Hi Thomas, Jerry, Wes, and Anybody Else That Can Help, lol:

Sorry about the delayed response and dragging this out, but I am still having troubles getting the app to work right on my Samsung Tab A with Android 7.0.

Attached are some screenshots of my app and file tree.  In the app shots, you can see the error I am getting.  It is the same one Thomas was getting.  In the other app shot, you can see where the app is looking for the database on my tablet.  The final two screenshots show my file tree.  I have an ExploreStars folder and an ExplorStars Complete folder as I have tried numerous combinations as Thomas.

I also tried extracting on my desktop and copying the file tree, and I tried extracting directly to the SD Card from my desktop.  One thing I noticed is I do not have the SQLite folder as Thomas does.  Could this be a problem?  I downloaded the database zip file directly from the ExploreStars website.



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