Exos 2gt Non PMC8 Parts?

Jason Hansen

Hey all,

I think I've finally got the kinks worked out of the (very small) issues i was having with the PMC8. Very happy with how it is currently performing for me.
I also have the non PMC8 version of the exos 2gt. It's always had a pretty serious wobble in the tracking. Now i know this group is specifically for the PMC8, but i can't seem to find any decent info anywhere else about this mount, so i figured i would reach out here.
Since the recent release of the ASCOM wired connection for the exos 2gt (which i acquired, set up and got operational). I have gotten very interested i trying to fix the issue that my old exos 2gt mount has. It would be great to be able to use this mount for AP as well as the PMC8.
While tracking the mount seems to "wobble" back and forth. basically it seems like someone keeps tapping the scope. It happens randomly, every 5 to 10 seconds. Sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter. It's the same wobble every time. I've tried adjusting the gears and worm drive to no avail. 
So i guess my question is, does anyone have any ideas? Or should i just replace the gears and worm? And if that's the issue then where can i get these parts?
On top of that does anyone know if there are any forums or groups dedicated to the non PMC8 version of the exos 2gt so i can ask these questions in the right place?

Thanks in advance,

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