Re: User defined database for Explore Stars


Wes is right, you can use the arrow keys on the little POTH applet to move the scope.  If you want something a bit more tactile, you could use ASCOMPAD and a joystick.  CdC can do its own sync on a target once you have it centered, just tell it to.   I don't use either, as I'm only interested in AP, so one target a night does it for me (on a good night...) and I get where I'm going with plate solving.  
Anyway... You probably want to use EITHER Explorestars OR ASCOM (w/CdC or whatever), and not mix the two.  If you're over on the ASCOM side, you have options for moving the scope. 

We're leaning off-topic from the thread subject line, so if you want more, probably best to change that.
- Bob

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