Re: Pulse Guide


Hi Chris,

I have started looking at it, but with all the work I have on my schedule working on a new version of the PMC-Eight, it will be later this year before I get it done. I think once I start focusing on it, it shouldn't take all that long. The current ST4 auto-guiding port is implemented at the hardware/firmware level, so I have to modify the firmware to include a command to support the pulse-guiding function in ASCOM. Not a big deal, but I want to make sure I don't break anything of course when doing it. Also, I have not decided on a strategy, or the technique to use to integrate it into the existing firmware.

The current auto-guiding function runs in the watchdog process (on it's own processor) to maintain good response and does not interact with the command process (which is also running on it's own processor). I will probably configure it to run on the watchdog processor and monitor the 2 required parameters (Percent Sidereal Rate, and Duration) set up in the global memory space. I may be able to integrate it into the existing interface by just substituting the values read from the global memory space versus the value read from the hardware ST4 interface. We shall see. I may fit the work in sooner, if I think it won't take too long.

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