Re: 2 star alignment doesn't work


Hi Jerry, I recently purchased an iExos 100 PMC Eight Mount, and use the iPAD version of ExploreStars. I have been closely following the accuracy and alignment discussions, and basically have the same issues. I have 2 points I would like your input.

First is alignment. I use a physical/visual polar alignment with my AR102 and ES 82’ 20mm eyepiece. Time, date, GPS coordinates all checked. Polaris centered in eyepiece, and mount adjusted as necessary. Home position done. I then attempted a 2 or 3 star alignment, which is very difficult with my location and seeing conditions. Go To accuracy was terrible. Scope all over the sky. Last night I used the same Polar alignment technique, but NO further 2 or 3 star alignment. 
This was based on the following quote from the iExos instruction manual:

NOTE: The 2 and 3 Star Alignment process provides a “virtual” polar alignment versus doing a “physical” polar alignment. It is important to understand the difference.

Well, my go to accuracy was much, much improved! Slewed to several objects. They generally were just outside my FOV of my eyepiece, but were then tweaked and then synced. M42 remained centered. What is the difference, and for visual use, is a 2/3 star alignment necessary?

Secondly, when I choose an object from any catalog, and select “slew to object”, it responds normally. I then 
“sync”. Also available on the screen is the option “Go To” for the same object. What’s the fifference? When do you 
use “Go To”?

Thank you, HarryB

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