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It sounds to me that you might have the wrong scope picked. Check for that to make sure.

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On Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 04:42 AM, G-man wrote:
Before going the ASCOM route we decided to give the app one more chance after getting the telescope polar aligned and guess what: no dice, the 2 star alignment sent, once again, the telescope looking for something under the ground in the Gemini constellation. Date and time were both correct, gps coordinates, check... and telescope was polar aligned enough to know the difference between north and south... but today I wasn't gonna waste a second dealing with the app....

Hi G-man,

I am glad you are seeing continued success with the ASCOM driver, but I am curious about your experience with giving the app one more chance. It sounds like that you experienced the same problem you had a few days ago and you appeared to resolve it according to your post #2027 on Dec 30 at 1736: (

"Okay, so I think I've figured this out... I did setup the mount inside my home office. Roughly polar aligned it using SkyMap, fired controller, reset app, ensured the park button returns to normal, etc, ... etc. Everything seemed to check out, park returns to zero, all stuff zeroed out, etc. Start the process on the 2 star alignment and the same thing last night... it slews goes to some random piece of sky where the Leo constellation is supposed to be..."

 "...First thing was check the time and it seemed to be off by 1 hour behind... proceed to change and while adjusting the time of the day I realized that the tablet's actual date was set to January, of the year 2000... HA.... needless to say, I did set the time date and proceeded to reset the whole thing again, verified park returns, etc... and when the 2 star alignment starts, now I am getting the mount to point pretty accurately towards the constellation of Ursa Major, even though I can't confirm with real stars yet, the phone SkyMap app certainly agrees with where the mount is now pointing at. I'll set it up again tonight, but I suspect the issue has been taken care of. So, moral of the story, besides the fact that I am a such a beginner for not checking the first thing in astronomy... the date, I think it would be nice to have some sort of help button that says [STAR NOT HERE], that if clicked brings a pop-up or some sort of help text stating to check for the correct date and time on the tablet/PC...."

It appears to me that your tablet may have some kind of problem maintaining the time/date correctly since you were able to correct it and test it indoors comparing it to your SkyMap app on your phone. 

I understand you are not inclined to use the ExploreStars application any further and I don't not want you to, but my goal is to understand any unresolved problem that other's may run into related to the ExploreStars application. If you can shed any more light on what you observed last night and on December 31st, I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you.
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