Re: Pretty happy with the mount after a rough start...


Hi Jerry, I have been following G-Man, and 2 star alignment. However, I am using the iExos 100, iPAD ExploreStars, and AR102. Per our previous posts, I have done a physical polar alignment, 2 star alignment, 
and have had some success. Generally, the first 2 star alignment lasts only about 15-20 mins, and then “go to”
deteriorates. I then do another physical polar, select GPS location again, and reset alignment. Now, another
2 star alignment, and generally the object is within the FOV of my 82’ 20mm ES eyepiece. It also tracks much longer, 30-40 mins (then became cloudy). It then “parked” right on target. 

However, per your suggestion, I attempted a 3 star alignment. It succeeded past first 2 stars, even if I had to skip 
the selected star and choose another. When it got to 3rd star, I needed to again skip that one for another choice.
However, the ExploreStars app completely froze up. I could not make any selections nor move the scope.
I shut down the app, restarted using 2 stars, and continued normally.

I have found that the iPAD version generally does initial set-up quite well, ie correct time, date, and location. As long as choose correct mount, and most importantly use the “Load GPS Coordinates “ button. Don’t depend on the displayed coordinates. They may be where you were, not where you are now. You don’t have to enter coordinates manually, just tap the Load GPS Coordinates button and it will fill in correct present position.

Then reset alignment. Hope this helps.

iExos 100 PMC-Eight (iPAD), AR102

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