sticky Setting Your Signature Line / Equipment Info #ExploreScientific

W. Christopher Moses

It would be really helpful if everyone could set their signature line to include their equipment.

Here are instructions for doing so: 

  1. Just choose "Subscription" from the menu on the left of this page.
  2. Scroll down past a Email Delivery and a number of radio buttons and check boxes and you will see 2 check boxes above an editable area that you can use to build your signature.
  3. Check Use Signature For Web Posting and Use Signature For Email Posting.
  4. Then type the signature information you want to use in the text box.
  5. We suggest that you start simple and add more over time.  Your signature provides moderators and mentors and others with a better basis for comments and suggestions for helpful message for you.
    At minimum, enter, on separate lines, your First Name, Your City  & State and, if not in the USA, your Country.
    If you have a corneal specialist, please enter their name and the city and state (& country) where they practice (1 location only, please)
    Possibly later you could fill in your eye's surgical history

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "save".

Now when you create or respond to a post, the signature will automatically appear in the box with an indicator to type your message above it.

Note - above instructions from :

Note - unlike some message systems, I don't think adding or updating your signature line will effect previous posts.

Mounts: ES PMC-8 G11, Losmandy AZ8
Scopes: Tak FSQ 106 EDX4, AT 115, WO Star 71, Mallincam RC6
Cameras:  2x ZWO ASI1600MM-P, Nikon D5100, ZWO ASI 120
Msc: IF ONAG, Moonlight Nightcrawler, ZWO EFW
Software: PixInsights, TheSkyX Pro

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