sticky Re: Setting Your Signature Line / Equipment Info #ExploreScientific

Jeremy Parker

Good idea, and here's my info...
Scope: StellarVue SV102T  & Optimus Eyepieces
Mount:  Explore Scientific PMC-Eight G11, Spring-loaded OPWB on DEC, O-Vision Worm on RA
Cameras: Nikon D5300 H-alpha mod
Guiding & Alignment: StellarVue F50 GuideScope & ZWO ASI290MM Mini Guide Cam, QHY Polemaster
Computer & Software: Surface Pro Windows 10, ExploreStars, ASCOM POTH, CdC, PHD2 Guiding, Backyard Nikon
Accessories: Williams Optics clear Bahtinov Mask, 1000 Oaks Dew Heater Controller, Astrozap Dew Heaters, Celestron Lithium / Lithium-Pro Powertanks

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