Re: Connecting a second device to the PMC8 via wifi?

Steve Siedentop

Hi Jerry - 

To date, I've just relied on the mount's hand controller, along with connectivity via ASCOM to control the mount for framing and focusing once an alignment has been performed.  I haven't used a planetarium application to control my mount.  Does something like Cartes du Ciel allow me to perform the equivalent of a 3 star alignment, replacing the need for the ExploreStars app?

Ideally, I'd like to run Explore Stars (for simplicity), BackyardEOS, and PHD2 on the Compute Stick and RDP into it with whatever I have available.  This would mitigate the need to have a separate device for telescope control, and the Compute Stick up top for camera control.  This, of course, is dependent on the ability of the RN-131 to handle wifi traffic from two devices.  My goal is to minimize the number of dangling cables on the mount.  

I was looking at the specs for the RN-131 chip and nothing suggests that it's limited to connecting to one device.  I found a post from Chris Moses mentioning that he was able to connect, but it locked up after a time.  The first culprit I would suspect is heat.  Has anyone tried sticking a heat sink on the chip, something like what you can find for the chips on a Raspberry Pi board?  I'm not sure if this would cause problems in the form of interference or not. 


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