Re: Indi Driver for Exos2 PMC-Eight


As long as you use the latest driver, it works fine. Not sure if Stellarmate OS would have the latest drivers yet, or if you'd have to compile it yourself (I just installed Indi/Kstars directly on UbuntuMate).  The latest version of the driver has controls that lets you select between the different mounts.

Flashing the FTDI chip is pretty simple.  Though, I haven't been concerned so much with bricking because the cable I used for this was a cheap $5 knock-off (which has been working fine, by the way):

All I do is this:

1) In Windows, install FT_PROG from here:
2) Plug in the cable to the Windows (and only into your computer--i.e. it doesn't need to be connected, and probably shouldn't be connected, to the PMC8)
3) Run FT_PROG
4) Under the EEPROM tab, select Devices > Scan & Parse
5) In the Device Tree, go to Hardware Specific > Invert RS232 Signals
6) Check the Invert DTR# box

7) Select "Devices" > Program
8) Click "Program"

9) I takes like less than a second, and you will wonder whether it really did anything because the only status indicator is a small "Finished programming" message at the bottom of the Window that quickly disappears.  But if you unplug the cable and plug it back in and rescan, FT_PROG should now show the Invert DTR box as checked.

Flashing the chip back to normal is just the reverse process.

Austin, Texas

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