Re: Alternate Download Location for Explore Stars

Steve Siedentop

I got it figured out.  It was an issue on my end.  On my desktop, I had the Pictures folder mapped to a drive other than C:, which the application doesn't seem to like. My guess is that it's hardcoded to read c:\users\\pictures.

On my SurfacePro and Compute Stick, I was following instructions on a video that Scott and Greg made that weren't quite right.  After some experimenting, I found that I need to drop the ExploreStars folder in the Pictures folder rather than the Images folder and the three text files into the Pictures folder.  

One thing I did notice that needs some UI polish is that the "Please Wait" screen stays up even after the database has been imported.  The form doesn't update until the application connects to the PMC-8.  Not a big deal, but a status bar would add a nice level of polish to the application.



On Sun, Nov 12, 2017 at 4:08 PM, chris_moses@... [ESPMC-Eight] <ESPMC-Eight@...> wrote:

Hmmm... I'm running a SurfacePro 4 with the latest GA update and have not noticed this issue. I'll try a few things and see if I can replicate it. 

Do you happen to know if you have "Developer Mode" features enabled?

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