Re: Wired operation


Hi Jerry and Brian, I would like to correct my previous post regarding the default
positions for the RA and DEC Direction settings on the ExploreStars IOS app.

Jerry is absolutely correct. After I tested my app by resetting it to iExos 100, both
axis showed Reverse. What I have found for my mount that seems to work so far,
( used 8-10 times) are these settings. RA-Reverse, DEC-Forward. Sorry about the confusion.

Vero Beach, FL
Scopes: ES AR102,  Meade ETX 90 EC
Mounts: ES iExos 100-PMC Eight, (Using ExploreStars iPAD), Oberwerk 5000 Tripod
Binos: Oberwerk 15x70, 8x40

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