Re: New PCM-8 Upgrade testing

W. Christopher Moses

I hope Jerry will correct me if I'm wrong:

Park position appears to be wherever the mount is when you power-up the pmc-8. My previous mount (Ieq45) was also like this. It was a PITA. But, with the G-11's built-in levels on the RA and DEC, I have found it to be really easy.
If you are in an observatory I could see the use of having a park position that is different than the zero position. If not, whatt, exactly is the goal? (Really, I'm asking - maybe I can write a quick program to do it) 

I've been meaning to get a solar filter. (We have to do something during the days, lol) Come to think of it, I'm not sure I know how to switch to solar tracking. However, I do think the sun is an option in ExploreStars. I assume selecting and slewing to it would change the tracking rate accordingly

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