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Gord Farmer

This forum is very much appreciated .  Especially to us noobs. In my opinion the quality of the equipment and help from those at explore scientific is awesome. I have found most of my problems have only been caused by my needs to fully understand operational protocols of the system.
There are always glitches . 

Many thanks once again for past and future assistance to all parties involved.

Best regards 
Gordon (noob) Farmer 

On Apr 15, 2019, at 3:45 PM, Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific <jrh@...> wrote:

Since it's founding, this forum has been host to a great group of members who are enthusiastic about their PMC-Eight System and want to help each other the best way possible and share their experiences. It continues to this day to be one of the best ways to learn about your PMC-Eight system. I have tried to take a "hands-off" approach to moderating this forum and it has worked out pretty well up to this point. As more members join, I have found that it is time now to be more explicit about the expectations for conducting oneself on this forum.

As a manufacturer's forum, we have a few specific requirements that may or may not be applicable at other forums you may be on that are not vendor specific. This is not meant to stifle communications or an attempt to "white-wash" problems that show up from time to time with our equipment. We value everyone's opinion and want and need to identify issues as they occur, but we want it to occur in a civil environment that talks about issues and facts, not opinions that are not based in fact.

It is in this context that I release the first version of our TERMS OF SERVICE.


1. Explore Scientific established the PMC-Eight System community to allow PMC-Eight users to have a dedicated location to foster exchange of ideas and processes. This must be a welcoming community.

2. Moderators will not allow posts that are uncivil, rude, belittling or discourteous. Explore Scientific understands that customers can have negative experiences and that discussing those experiences are part of the community’s learning process.

3. Remain rational and calm. Do no bring anger or frustration to any discussion.

4. When posting, state the facts and circumstances. Do not use terms that are derogatory to community members or vendors.

5. Share your concerns, but do not turn to this forum to vent. If you have reached that point, please contact Explore Scientific Customer Service by email at service@..., by phone at 866-252-3811, or through the Customer Service Portal at

6. Registering to use this site under a false name or for false pretenses is prohibited. Please include a name when setting up your account, not just your email. It helps to identify who we are speaking to.

7. Discussion of any topic not related to the PMC-Eight system and ancillary systems - such as computer configuration, autoguiding and telescopes use - is prohibited. There will always be posts about other vendor equipment, but that is not to be the primary focus, and any such post will be evaluated and removed if necessary.

8. Explore Scientific reserves the right to edit, modify or delete any post that Explore Scientific deems a violation of these rules.

9. If you have a questions or complaint about a specific post, notify a moderator.

10. Explore Scientific reserves the right to modify these terms of service without notice.

All of us at Explore Scientific are enthusiastic about the PMC-Eight System and want all our customers to have the very best experience using their mount to explore the wonders of the universe. That is our goal and promise to you as our valued customer.

Jerry Hubbell
Vice President of Engineering

Explore Scientific, LLC.
jrh at
1010 S. 48th Street
Springdale, AR 72762

Author: Scientific Astrophotography: How Amateurs Can Generate and Use Professional Imaging Data
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