Re: Polemaster adapter for IEXOS 100 #ExploreScientific

Patrick Maher

Jerry mentioned trying to get a bracket for the Polemaster early on shortly after this mount's release.  I'd say it is still far too early to see a new mount adapter specifically for this iEXOS-100.  You can, however, mount your Polemaster on a Vixen dovetail bar.  They make an adapter (or maybe it is ADM that makes it...  can't remember for sure...  but I know that High Point Scientific sells it)  that mounts to the bottom side of the front of the dovetail bar.  This is the route I intend to go when the winter/spring skies finally clear up in my neck of the woods.  We had snow and high winds again last night and have had weeks of rain so it will be a month or so before I can begin some astronomy again.  April is usually the earliest I can start up again but this spring has been miserable for clear skies.  I'm hoping for sometime in May.

I can see how mounting on a hotshoe could be a problem.  A hotshoe still allows some side to side wobble with anything mounted in it.  Just a tiny amount of wobble would throw off alignment by tremendous amount...  probably in the 15-20 degree range.  

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