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Steve Lang


In the days of earlier ascom which couldn't distribute location information, and every piece of software needed separate configuration, a chap called Robert Hinton wrote an app that we both used. It read a serial connected GPS and wrote config files for APT, PHD and a few other things that we used, including eqascom. It was _brilliant_ as I was moving around a lot, and I could just plug in the GPS, run the program then start all the apps.

Made life very easy, was absolutely brilliant! I've lost contact with Robert now and instead have a ES-G11-PMC8 and Ascom has moved on a bit as it can distribute location information too.

With most things now taking location from ascom, a simple app to manage multiple profiles and set location in PMC8 driver and/or ascom would be a real benefit.

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On 17/04/19 4:42 PM, W. Christopher Moses via Groups.Io wrote:
Interesting issues. Ill try to look into them after i finish the current project im working on
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