Re: New PCM-8 Upgrade testing


Hi Randy, 

The programmed park position for the PMC-Eight G11 and EXOS 2 mounts is at the North Celestial Pole (NCP). This is the zero (0) count position of the motors and the scaling calculation in the ASCOM driver and ExploreStars application are based on this reference position. If you have physically positioned your mount to any other position than the NCP as Chris suggests, the pointing will not be accurate. ASCOM defines two positions that are similar, PARK and HOME. HOME is typically used in conjunction with an external sensor for a built in reference position. PARK is used as a user defined position.

In the current version of the ASCOM driver, the HOME position is the same as PARK and is not user configurable, although there is a way around this. This is typically found in a permanent observatory setting, and I use this technique in the remote observatory I manage. You can position the mount in any orientation that you wish and then turn tracking off. This is similar to telling the mount to go to a user defined position. Once you do that you MUST LEAVE THE PMC-Eight POWER ON to retain the current position.

Currently in the firmware, the motor positions are not stored in the non-volatile memory space. We have that on the list of updates to the firmware, and would not be a big amount of work to incorporate that.

Give me some time and I will get that incorporated along with a few other updates.

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