ASCOM Serial Connection Errors #ASCOM

Darryl Ellis

Hi All,

I asked this under the new Configuration Manager Post by W. Christopher, but I think this is outside of that subject.   His new Configuration Manager works well, but perhaps I am having a problem with the actual ASCOM Driver.

I have no problem working with the ASCOM driver via wifi, but because I intend to do some imaging, I want to also use it via serial connection.  By the way, I believe I am using the latest driver, ES PMC8 20190107Any CPU. 

I uploaded some screenshots to the files section in an album I created called "Screenshots of Error Messages..."

The ASCOM Diagnostics Device Chooser appears to allow me to connect via serial connection, but does not communicate the mount position.  Also, when I attempt to use ASCOMPAD via the POTH Motion Control module I get  the error message that the 'Error connecting to Telescope Message - 80040402 ASCOM. Utilities timed out waiting on received data".

I checked that the driver for my Startech FTDI cable is working properly in the Device Manager.  I did have to change the baud rate from 9600 to the 115200 bps required by the ES PMC8 ASCOM Any CPU driver.

Please feel free to advise of any changes you deem necessary to get my serial connection working.

Thanks in advance.


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