Re: ASCOM Serial Connection Errors #ASCOM

Wes Mcdonald


I think you need to verify your serial line works with the PMC8.  Do this

1.  Use the configuration manager to switch the PMC8 to serial.  First connect via wifi.  Bring up the conf mgr.  Then verify you are connected via wifi.  Then tell it to switch.  I believe it will switch but not sure.  If it won't then we try something else

2.  Get parallax serial terminal.  

3.  With the serial line connected to the PC and the PMC8 spin up the device manager.  See what comm port the serial converter is.

4. Set the parallax terminal to that comm port.  Verify the baud rate.

5.  Reboot the PMC8.  See if you get a splash screen.  If you don't then the serial connection is not working.

Let's try this much and see where to go then


Wes, Southport NC
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