Re: ES-G11-PMC8 power options

Steve Lang

Hey Wes.

Yes, that is one of my concerns. When I've used them, I've tried for low ripple etc., but I don't have an oscilloscope to test. In reality, almost all mains power supplies (esp. those little plug-packs) are switching power supplies too, aren't they?

It's at this point that my head hurts, I stop worrying, and start trying to collect photons. I am always careful not to couple data and power (DC or AC) too closely together etc., but that's just hygiene and history, not borne out of any specific validated evidence.

In reality, I'm normally chasing too many other problems (focus, seeing, weather etc.) that impacts from EMI are unlikely to concern me. However, as I'm upgrading to much better gear, I do want to check for these types of issues with much more experienced peeps than I.

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On 1/05/19 1:00 PM, Wes Mcdonald wrote:

Not that I have seen these but some experienced astro photography guys on forums forums have said they stay away from switching supplies owing to EMI getting into the images.  This might be problematic for a primary power supply running your cameras etc.  I have always run things with a deep discharge marine lead acid battery.  But I do have equipment with switching going on and have not seen artifacts.  So I guess this is just cautionary.


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