Re: ASCOM Serial Connection Errors #ASCOM

Darryl Ellis

Hi Wes,

I did as you said, but I did not get a splash screen.

However, on the configuration manager I recorded the following:

20       Received: *HELLO*
19       Sending via TCP: ESX!
18       Received: 
17       Sending via Serial: ESX!
16       Sending via UDP: ESX!...Error: ESX!
15       Sending via UDP: ESX!
14       Sending via UDP: ESGp0!...Error: ESGp0!
13       Sending via UDP: ESGp0!
12       Received: *HELLO*
11       Sending via TCP: ESGp0!
10       Received: 
9       Sending via Serial: ESGp0!
8       Received: *HELLO*
7       Sending via TCP: ESGp0!
6       Received: *HELLO*
5       Sending via TCP: ESX!
4       Received: *HELLO*
3       Sending via TCP: ESGp0!
2       Received: 
1       Sending via Serial: ESGp0!
0       The mount does not appear to be connected. Please check your settings and network connection.

It appears to communicate via the TCP protocol but not the UDP.  The serial protocol acts like it is communicating but does not give the same response as under the TCP.

What do you think?

DHEllis59, Dover, DE
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