Re: ASCOM Serial Connection Errors #ASCOM

Darryl Ellis

Can anyone make any sense of this:

71       Received: *HELLO*
70       ComManager:     TCP Response: *HELLO*
69       ComManager:     Start Sending TCP Message: ESY!
68       Sending via TCP: ESY!
67       Received: 
66       ComManager:     Serial Returned: 
65       ComManager:     Start Sending Serial Message: ESY!
64       Sending via Serial: ESY!
63       Received: 
62       ComManager:     Serial Returned: 
61       ComManager:     Start Sending Serial Message: ESX!
60       Sending via Serial: ESX!
59       Received: *HELLO*
58       ComManager:     TCP Response: *HELLO*
57       ComManager:     Start Sending TCP Message: ESX!
56       Sending via TCP: ESX!
55       Received: *HELLO*
54       ComManager:     TCP Response: *HELLO*
53       ComManager:     Start Sending TCP Message: ESX!
52       Sending via TCP: ESX!
51       Received: 
50       ComManager:     Serial Returned: 
49       ComManager:     Start Sending Serial Message: ESX!
48       Sending via Serial: ESX!
47       Received: 
46       ComManager:     Serial Returned: 
45       ComManager:     Start Sending Serial Message: ESX!
44       Sending via Serial: ESX!
43       Received: 
42       ComManager:     Serial Returned: 
41       ComManager:     Start Sending Serial Message: ESY!
40       Sending via Serial: ESY!
39       Received: 
38       ComManager:     Serial Returned: 
37       ComManager:     Start Sending Serial Message: ESGp0!
36       Sending via Serial: ESGp0!
35       Received: 
34       ComManager:     Serial Returned: 
33       ComManager:     Start Sending Serial Message: ESY!
32       Sending via Serial: ESY!
31       Received: 
30       ComManager:     Serial Returned: 
29       ComManager:     Start Sending Serial Message: ESX!
28       Sending via Serial: ESX!
27       Received: 
26       ComManager:     Serial Returned: 
25       ComManager:     Start Sending Serial Message: ESX!
24       Sending via Serial: ESX!
23       ComManager:     Start Sending UDP Message: ESGp0!...Error: ESGp0!
22       ComManager:     Start Sending UDP Message: ESGp0!
21       Sending via UDP: ESGp0!
20       Received: *HELLO*
19       ComManager:     TCP Response: *HELLO*
18       ComManager:     Start Sending TCP Message: ESY!
17       Sending via TCP: ESY!
16       Received: *HELLO*
15       ComManager:     TCP Response: *HELLO*
14       ComManager:     Start Sending TCP Message: ESGp0!
13       Sending via TCP: ESGp0!
12       Received: *HELLO*
11       ComManager:     TCP Response: *HELLO*
10       ComManager:     Start Sending TCP Message: ESY!
9       Sending via TCP: ESY!
8       Received: 
7       ComManager:     Serial Returned: 
6       ComManager:     Start Sending Serial Message: ESX!
5       Sending via Serial: ESX!
4       Received: *HELLO*
3       ComManager:     TCP Response: *HELLO*
2       ComManager:     Start Sending TCP Message: ESX!
1       Sending via TCP: ESX!
0       The mount does not appear to be connected. Please check your settings and network connection.

Unfortunately, in order to get things back to a working state, I hit the factory reset button on the control module.  Then I saw Jerry's response to another group member that that is a no no.  Then I read AN002.  

Any suggestions?


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