Re: IEXOS-100 First Light report and a few thoughts/complaints #iEXOS-100

brian skinner

Hi Craig, did I call you Richard in my last email? Sorry about that (again...). No I don't think you can sync on any non alignment object (which has to be a star).
If you centre on an object manually I don't think the mount will necessarily track accurately either but Jerry will clarify I'm sure.
Kind regards, BrianĀ 

On Tue, 7 May 2019 20:13 Craig Bobchin <cbobchin@... wrote:
Hi Brian,

Yeah, I figured that out after about an hour of fooling around with the app/Mount. Not the most inutiive app is it? Do you know how to sync on an object not during hte alingment? For example, I have M3 centered and I want to Sync on it to refine the model, how do I do that?

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