Re: IEXOS-100 First Light report and a few thoughts/complaints #iEXOS-100

brian skinner

Hi Richard, as I'm not running iOS I can't help on this problem I'm afraid. I know you have mentioned this before but have you turned auto alignment off before you start?
Also before I start anything in Explorestars I find it helps to restart my controlling device first to ensure a everything  is fully synchronised. On the Android app there is a prompt to do this whenever any changes are made to any of the settings....
One other thought, after you have syncd to your first star if you return to the catalogue page you should then be offered to choose your second star, thus ignoring the suggested one that appears on the home page.
Kind regards, Brian 

On Wed, 8 May 2019 17:36 Richard Kirsch <Kirsch41@... wrote:
Hi Brian,

I just tried this as a practice run during the daytime using “practice stars” to check if this works in iOS.  It does not work.  I connect to the mount via my iPad then chose “Two Star Alignment”.  It suggest a star that I ignore and go to the catalogue,... there I clicked on the “Alignment” button on the top and chose Deneb, the “Slew To”.  ExploreStars goes back to the main page but the object shown is not the one I selected but the original one that it had there in the first place. Not sure what I’m missing.


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