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Good day Sir,


I am not sure if this would be of any assistance to you, because I am a new comer to this and I am still learning how to use my iEXOS-100 mount.  At least the EXOS-2PMC has a polar scope.  My night vision is not the greatest and I can’t see Polaris through the tunnel scope or visually see Polaris with the naked eye.   Now as for Sirius, Arcturus, Antares, and several others, not a problem with the Naked Eye.


Have you verified the following alignments while positioning your scope North:

1.       DEC Alignment

2.       RA Alignment

3.       Azimuth Alignment

4.       Leveling the mount


I believe if one or more alignments are off, this would affect the accuracy of your goto capability.  The iEXOS-100 has no such markings for alignment, so I did it by sight for a while and then used tape and strips of white paper to label it, so my results would be repeatable.    I did a dry run yesterday before the clouds moved in.  I had just setup the scope up again looking for Polaris.  Then I got tired, parked the scope/mount, and did a cold slew to Saturn, the planet was underneath the crosshairs of my finderscope which has a FOV of 5 degrees.   I ran out of time, due to cloud cover.


I can understand your frustration.  I have been frustrated as well, more with cloud coverage and astronomy apps than anything else, but I am having fun trying to figure things out.  Since I plan on doing Messier objects, I want to fine tune the Goto functionality as much as possible.


Dec Alignment


RA Alignment:


Azimuth Alignment



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I have had it with this mount. I don't get tons of field time and when I do I don't want to spend an hour tinkering with a mount only to find out I didn't hey a good alignment. I've done the polar alignment, it should be good. I spent several frustrating hours tonight thinking this would be the time, it was going to come together tonight. 3 star alignment,  first star a few degrees off, second star still....a few degrees off, third star.....still...a .... few.... degrees.... off! So, I sucked it up, I would redo polar alignment and do it all over again. Nope.... first alignment star wad Regulus.... the score barely leaves the area of Polaris. I reset comm link and alignment. Still the same result. Unplug PMC-EIGHT and close app, try again,  many degrees off first star. I am so tired of fighting with equipment that should just work. Look, it's a great concept, but it's not working. I've used an AVX mount, hot target everytime, the polar scope isn't ridiculous on them either. Now, Celestron has put out their CPWI software and I used it with the Nexstar I have.... hit target each time.... I wasn't equipment that works....I want to enjoy my "observation" sessions. 
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