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A few items. Make sure the Wi-Fi Dongle is not connected during use. It is only used to change the wifi channel,
then it is removed. Otherwise you will have connection issues.
The IOS version has a few differences than Android:

Your Ipad can never go to “sleep” while in use. So before I start, I go to Settings- Display & Brightness-
Auto Lock-NEVER

The ExploreStars App “Must” Always be the only “active” app. That is once you are connected, you can not
change screens. ie, you can not switch screens to check wifi network, email or anything else. If you do, it
will stop functioning.

When I begin, I power up the mount for a minute, then check to make sure the wifi network I’m 
connected to on the Ipad is the mount. Then, I open ExploreStars, and watch for the green light
to illuminate on the mount. (As per above you can not change screens)

Make sure no other “Known” wifi networks on the Ipad are available or close by. I have had the
Ipad switch to another network after I had already connected to the mount. The green light
will go out eventually, but now the mount is dead. Sooo, start over.

If the mount seems unresponsive or moves in obvious undesired direction, start over. That is close out
ExploreStars, un power the mount.

Here is a copy of a previous message that I sent.

May 7   

Hi Richard, Like you I sometimes can not see Polaris. I use both the IOS and Android versions of ExploreStars.
First, in IOS its uses the term “Auto Slew”. Android uses “Auto Align”. They are the same thing.
I am showing IOS version 1.1.1 as the latest. The following applies to IOS since that is what you are using. I have had good results with mine. Here are my steps using 2 or 3 star alignments. Here are my steps.

Select Auto Slew Off
Load GPS coordinates 
Reset Alignment 
2 Star Alignment, Note do not select Next (If you already have an idea of what star you want for alignment.)
Select Menu, Catalog, (second item), Alignment, Choose your star,  Slew to object, Center the star in
scope if necessary, Sync.
It will then say”Align to Second Star, then press Sync.”
Repeat the above, again do not press Next, unless you want it to choose for you. I make my own choice.
After the above, you should be aligned.
Note: I have found that if you choose 3 Star Alignment, your choice of the third star will be minimal, if any
at all are available.

Gord, hope this helps.

Vero Beach, FL
Scopes: ES AR102,  Meade ETX 90 EC (Deforked)
Mounts: ES iExos 100-PMC Eight, ExploreStars IPAD & Fire HD8,
Oberwerk 5000 Tripod, Binos: Oberwerk 15x70, 8x40

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