Re: New PCM-8 Upgrade testing

Randy OConnell

Thanks Jerry,

I did touch base with Scott yesterday and he filled me in on a few things.  I am still having a few issues and am a bit perplexed.  at one point when I went to park the scope ended up in a unusual position.  I am thinking that maybe I rebooted the PMC8, and didn't have the mount positioned in the park position.  

I have the mount oriented towards North and the GPS on my surface is on and updating the mount with the proper location.  For some reason when i would try and do an alignment, the some of the alignment stars that would be selected were below the horizon.  Unfortunately I had set my mount up behind the house (south side), so some of the northern stars were obstructed.  (it doesn't help that I tend to be solar oriented, and my star locating skills leave a lot to be desired).  

My problem is that when even selecting and alignment star (like Vega or Spica), when slewed to it, the scope would be no where near the the star.  At that point I wasn't sure if I should loosen the mount and manually adjust it, or try and drive it to the star.  Any suggestions?  BTW, when I ran the mount using the original drive system, I could do a North alignment, and set on the sun, and it would stay linked up for most of the day.  I believe I should be able to do the same with the new drive.


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