Re: Recommended Polar Finder that will work with IEXOS-100 PMC-eight

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A couple of questions…

1.        Are there any pictures of the working prototype mounted to the iEXOS-100 mount?  I am aware during production, things can change, but I am curious J.

2.       Should not all three be in alignment i.e. the polar scope, red dot finder, and imaging device?


Since I am not able to see Polaris, I take a guess using LAT and Lon.  I then slew to one of my favorite planets, only two I can see J.  Jupiter or Saturn.  Depending on where the planet is in my finder scope and red dot finder, I will manually adjust the altitude and azimuth to line up to the planet and call it a day.  


It works for me, but I need a real polar alignment so  I can use the Goto feature to start imaging DSOs.




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We do have a working prototype and production should be starting on the production model. We are still months away from actually having them in hand.

I've had a couple of customers who used an inexpensive red-dot finder. They glued the foot/mounting base to the side of the axis. Thye lowered the latitude until they could see a far-away object through the polar tunnel, then aligned the red dot to that. 

When they set up the tripod, they use the red-dot finder to get Polaris into the polar tunnel.

Using an app that shows the hour angle of Polaris (PS Align Pro is what I use) to determine where in the tunnel to position Polaris will provide a very good polar alignment.

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