Re: Expected tracking times *Unguided #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL


Thanks for the information and sorry for the late reply.

So after I read your post I did a little investigating and someone made a good point.  
It doesnt matter what mount you end up buying, your probably going to autoguide.

I really dont want crappy pictures so if autoguiding is something I'm going to do down the road anyways, I'm gonna pull the trigger and go that way.

I'm going to purchase an asi120 or 290 mini and pair it with a 50mm F4 guide scope.  Correct me if I'm wrong but that lands me at a 4:1 imaging you guiding ratio at my 750mm and even lower if I go smaller focal length in the future.

Is the explorestars PC version now ASCOM compatible?  Based on my research I'll be using PHD2 for guiding, backyard Nikon to fire my camera and I'd like like to use the explore stars app for goto for easy of locating objects.

So correct me if I'm wrong but the configuration would be camera to to PC via USB, guide camera to PC via usb then the PC to the pmc 8  is wifi and the ASCOM drivers send the info from the guidescope to the pmc8 module that way?   I've heard the st4 port is still a little unreliable.

Once again I appreciate the help. I actually got a little frustrated and almost sent it back for an EQ6R, but its twice the weight, almost twice the price and I really do like the basis of the Exos and hopefully it future proofs me for a few years until I can afford a larger mount.  

And lucky me, a friend of mind ended giving me a used Asus laptop and it should do the trick for running the programs outdoors without issue.

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