Re: Expected tracking times *Unguided #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL


Harry,  I was actually just looking at that unit. Seems a few people are using it now and having great success. Only other way I can think of running 2 wifi connections is maybe a wifi dongle via USB, if that even works.  Very cool piece of equipment for down the road, especially the winter months.

Chris,  good to know I ha my connections proper.  What I couldn't wrap my head around is how PHD2 communicates with the mount if there is no direct cabling from the guide scope to the mount itself, but if I'm not mistaken that's where ascom comes in to play?

Right now I'm trying to figure out my guide scope.  I know the imaging to guiding ratio should be around 1:4  so I've been looking at a 50mm f4 and a 60mm f4.6.  I think the 60mm with its 240mm focal length would probbaly be ideal at 750mm focal length of my scope with brings the ratio down to just a little over 1:3 with the asi120 mini and something like 1:2.99 with the asi290 mini.  Too bad it's a 200 dollar gap between the 2 cameras.  I'd like the 290, but my wallet says its gonna be the 120 lol

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